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Annu Subramanian

Human Rights Advocate

Annu Subramanian is a Human Rights Advocate who lives in Albany, New York. As a writer of conscience, she has written Another Heaven (to address human trafficking and terrorism), and the proceeds from this novel are used to benefit organizations dedicated to helping victims of human trafficking.

She is the director of The Writing Center at Brown School in Schenectady, New York. The writing Center aims to empower writing in children and adults.

She is using her debut novel, Waiting for the Perfect Dawn, to bring awareness about suppression of women and domestic violence.

She has cofounded Albany Women Connection, a support group in Albany, New York, and she is a founding member of WE SEED, an international forum established to address global issues.She was chosen as one of the four national finalists by Norman Mailer Center in 2011 for So Fair and Very Lovely, a short story, and as an Educator of Excellence in 2011 by New York State English Council (NYSEC).



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