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Mark Faust

Consultant, Syndicated Writer, Professional Speaker, and Executive Coach.

Mark Faust is a growth and turnaround consultant, syndicated writer, professional speaker, and executive coach to owners and CEOs.

Mark is known as Doctor Faust as twice, the midwife was late, his wife was early, and he and his wife alone delivered 2 of their 5 children.

Since founding Echelon Management in 1990 Faust has consulted with hundreds of companies and spoken to hundreds of organizations on how to foster growth. He has worked with and interviewed Fortune 500 CEOs as well as many turnaround CEOs on growth strategies for various articles. In preparation for his engagements he has interviewed hundreds of the number-one sales producers and top sales and marketing managers, as well as thousands of customers to discern what fosters growth and what truly gets and keeps a customer.

Faust has worked with companies such as P&G, IBM, Monsanto, Apple, Syngenta, Bayer, and John Deere, as well as smaller, closely held organizations, government agencies, and even nonprofits. He has been an adjunct COO, a VP of sales, a board member/advisor, and an adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati and Ohio University.

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