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SAM KID 2014

SAM Conferences in association with Sathyabama University

SAM KID 2014


5th July 2014 (9.00am – 3.00pm)

Sathyabhama University Auditorium, Chennai

Nothing enthuses more than listening to an achiever especially if they are one of your peers. “Rise and Shine” is all about super achieving kids who share their experiences with other kids. And for inspiration, we also have some high achieving young adults sharing their journey. A musician, a sailor, photographer, yoga exponent are just some of the achievers, whose experiences will be shared.

Disclaimer : Speakers, performances and demos may change or be dropped at the last minute due to unforeseen eventualities.

Malvika Iyer

Bilateral amputee, Social worker




Works with under privileged kids

Sanjana Vijay


Aditya Sakthi kumar


Anjineyulu Chagaleti

Winfred Michael Raj

Singer and Rubik’s Cuber

Malvika Iyer

Malvika Iyer is a bilateral amputee, bomb blast survivor, Global Shaper, Motivational Speaker & Trainer, Social Worker, Ph.D. scholar and a Junior Research Fellow at the Madras School of Social Work. She is working to spread awareness on disability and an inclusive society and the need to change societal attitudes and perceptions towards individuals with disability. She was a Speaker at TEDxYouth@Chennai 2013, MMA Women Managers' Convention 2014 and Master of Ceremonies (MC) at India Inclusion Summit, 2013 at Ritz Carlton, Bangalore.

A State topper in class 10th in 2004, she is a recipient of 'Outstanding Model Student' from Wisdom International Magazine, 'Rolling Cup' for the 'Best M.Phil. Thesis' in 2012. She was invited to meet with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in Rashtrapati Bhavan. She worked with differently abled children at the Centre for Child and Adolescent Well Being, Delhi and undertook research projects in PEHEL, Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCRAF). She acted in a short film ‘The Phoenix’ directed by Mrs. Hema Krishnan (her mother) on the theme ‘Celebrate Inclusion; Celebrate Life’ which was shortlisted for the ABILITYFEST 2013 (An India- International Disability Film Festival).

She is a model for accessible clothing in India, an initiative by Ability Foundation and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). She is an alumnus of St. Stephen's College, Delhi and Delhi School of Social Work. She has been featured in various national, local newspapers, magazines and media channels for her academic excellence and her brave and dignified fight with disability. She is courageous, optimistic and extremely enthusiastic. She writes poetry and enjoys dancing.


Inspiring Community Service Through Art

Chirag is 13 years of age and a 7th grader at Chief Kanim Middle School. He is a very talented artist and creates amazing art. He is a social entrepreneur and supports charities through the sale of his art. He has donated over $20,000 from these sales to many charities including Seattle Children’s Hospital, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and others. You can see his collection at http://meylah.com/chirag.

Chirag is also the founder of Creative Children for Charity (3C) whose mission is to empower 1 million children to donate their time and talent for charitable and social causes. Thus far he has organized over 10 events in various communities and brought 1000’s of children to contribute their time and talent to various charities in the region. In addition to being a social entrepreneur Chirag is in the top 5 percentile of his class, a representative of his grade representing over 250 classmates in his school and an active Leo Club member making a difference in the community. Currently he currently serves as the VP of PR & Marketing for a growing Toastmaster Club.

Chirag has also won several awards including, Youth Spirit and Trevor Award for community service.


Class :Tenth

Age :14

Hobbies :Reading, Writing, Singing, Sports(football, throw ball, softball,basketball, swimming)

E-mail id :ash.jai27@gmail.com

Blog site :http://ashubuzz.blogspot.in

As a fifteen year old, keen about reading, writing, music, as well as an array of sports, Akanksha Jaishankar is part of an all-student organization focused on giving the children of India wider perspectives. She is currently in tenth, Delhi Public School Bangalore, and truly enjoys working with the kids. “The organization was an initiative taken by a group of friends, and the idea really thrilled me. I was in it from the very beginning, and we hope and dream that it will grow, so we can reach out to more and more people. We want to tell people how much their dreams matter, and that they’re not impossible. I think it’s important for everyone to know that.”

A keen poet and writer, she has been blogging since the age of ten, at ashubuzz.blogspot.com. She also hopes to write a book someday. She enjoys designing her own dresses and getting them made, as well as playing football, for the school team.

Sanjana Vijay

My name is Sanjana Vijay and I study in Vidya mandir Mylapore. I am in the 12th grade pursuing the commerce stream. I plan to take up a double major in Business and Economics after graduating from high school. I have always enjoyed taking up activities like painting in my free time. I also enjoy taking up certain sports like volleyball and swimming in my free time. Although I may not be gifted, when it comes to the field to sports I enjoy it, and I believe that in the end of the day that’s all that matters.

The reason as to why I chose Business eludes me today as well but I believe that when you find something that you truly love, your passion, so to speak we should hold on to it and follow the path and see where it may lead us. You never know it may just lead you to the pot of gold

Aditya Sakthi kumar

Adithya Shakthi Kumar, 11 years old, is on a mission to build a humanoid that will serve humanity while living & exploring life to his fullest. He is an Indian American growing up in San Francisco Bay Area in USA. He studies Academic Talent (ATP) magnet program for highly gifted and talented students at Diablo Vista Middle School in Danville, CA.

Shakthi has won numerous awards in speech competitions and is also a national award winner in several math contests.

Shakthi is a robot lover and has been actively participating in First Lego League Tournaments for the last several years. In the evenings and weekends, he loves hacking away on Arduino and NXT Mindstorms/EV3 kits. His upcoming book on Robots (Amazing Robots: All About the Thinking Machines) will be available on amazon.

Shakthi's passion for music has lead him to explore both Western and Indian (carnatic) music. Shakthi is learning mridangam from Sri. Ramesh Srinivasan of Sarvalaghu Percussion Art Center (SPAC) and has participated as a junior accompanist in several mridangam concerts. Under Mr. Dylan Snodgrass's able tutelage, he has won numerous awards and participated in many honors recitals held by Music Teacher Association of California (MTAC). He has also dabbled with playing the trumpet, drums, cello, french horn, piccolo and flute via the Honor Band and Strings program at his elementary and middle school in the last few years.

Shakthi loves the outdoors and has tried his hands at kayaking, leather working, hiking, rifle shooting, archery, swimming etc by participating in The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) which is one of the largest youth organizations in the United States.

Due to the strong and devoted Tamil community in San Francisco Bay Area, Shakthi has had a chance to explore and immerse himself in many cross-cultural activities. He has been learning Tamil for the last 9 years at California Tamil Academy. He also participates regularly in Tamil programs in Bay Area Tamil Mandram and Bay Area Tamil Sangam where he dances, acts and does silambam (ancient Tamil martial arts). He likes to compare and contrast silambam moves with the skills he is learning in taekwondo. He has earned brown belt and is working on his black belt. He acted in a tamil play "Thanimai" staged by Krea Drama Troupe that was staged on 9 theaters in Tamil Nadu. Shakthi's frequent trips to India have let him be in touch with his roots.

When he is not getting in trouble with his mom, you will find him curled up with an adventure book, making origami or chasing his younger brother and friends around the park.

Here are youtube playlists that highlight Shakthi’s varying interests: PTA Reflections 2013-2014 Believe. Dream. Inspire., Speeches, Robots, Silambam, Tamil, Music, Dance, Misc

Anjineyulu Chagaleti

Anjineyulu Chagaleti ia feisty, frank and lean. Anjineluyu hails from a small village in Andhra Pradesh and though and is the first in his family to receive higher education He is interested in stuff like hacking and programming, A person with many brilliant ideas to make some difference to the world around him !

Design and marketing is something which excites him, so founded a company named "VstartU", [It's still a Startup though] in an attempt to follow his dreams. Project lead for "Capture the flag [CTF]" of Guinness world record event. His life motto is simple: Follow your dreams and I believe what we do flows from who we are...

What can i say? Anjineluyu is just different ! :)


WINFRED MICHAEL RAJ, is doing his bachelor’s in physics, from Madras Christian College. A contemporary singer and a Rubik's cuber. Winfred has been cubing for about the past four years and has made it to the national level in cubing. Winfred never thought that, someday he would be a person who could solve puzzles. But, hard work and determined thoughts made him what he is now.

It was just the first puzzle he I struggled with. Winfred lives by the thought "Life is not just about being someone's fan, it’s about, getting inspired from that person and "Trying" to achieve a step more than them", which made him think of something new and innovative, which gave him a new idea for a Guinness world record, trying to combine two things which he likes, cycling and cubing, which actually is coming out very well. Winfred is just waiting for the day of the attempt to be an achiever.

. From his view point, working on "How" to become an achiever is really simple, you just have to think and find out what you are good at, and spend time and work on developing that particular skill. But, "Working" to become an achiever, depends purely on your hard work. On the other hand, Winfred has been involved with music since his 3rd grade, and been singing for a long time, and now, finds that it’s seriously awesome to balance between cubing, and singing. In Winfred’s words “I sing, I cube, I cube, I sing, and I do physics too... That pretty much sums up my life”.

Chennai Childrens Choir


Rubiks Cube

Waste to Wealth