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SAM EVE 2014

SAM Conferences in association with Jeppiaar Engineering College

SAM EVE 2014


26th Oct 2014

Jeppiaar Engineering College Auditorium, Chennai

“I AM WOMAN” is the topic of SAM EVE 2014 It features the lives of remarkable women exploring how they handled and faced life’s greatest challenges and overcame them and went on to achieve great heights.

Disclaimer : Speakers, performances and demos may change or be dropped at the last minute due to unforeseen eventualities.


Founder, The Peoples Food (R)evolution




Motivates Women to Change and Heal the World


Ayurveda Expert, Florida

Annu Subramanian

Human Rights Advocate


HEDDA LEONARDI's quest to demystify and enjoy food, beauty and wellbeing started at the age of 19, her no-fear style of teachingand sharing takes her around the globe spreading the knowledge and wisdom of natural food and our own body’s ability to take care of itself. Hedda not only evangelises but also holds classes on haw to cook and make Delicious life changing super-foods to heal, nourish and re-beaut the self.

Hedda is also the General manager of the International renowned band Gypsy All Stars. The Gypsy All Stars plays play traditional music with a mix of jazz, funk, fusion, rock and techno.


JUDITH CURR is the publisher and founder of Atria Books and has ultimate responsibility for all the editorial, publishing, and marketing activities of the Atria imprint. Judith believes in creating books that are physically beautiful and that can help to shape the culture in positive, constructive ways. She was the guiding force behind the publishing of the international phenomenon The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (more than 16 million copies sold). Judith is an industry leader in adopting new technologies and developing innovative marketing strategies. She currently teaches a course at New York University called "From Writer to Reader: An Introduction to Book Publishing" (Spring semester). In just ten years, she has overseen Atria’s growth into a consistently successful and forward-thinking division within legendary publishing powerhouse Simon & Schuster, Inc. A native of Australia, Judith has been an executive in American publishing since 1996.

Atria Books is the publishing home of many major bestselling authors including Vince Flynn, T.D. Jakes, Shirley MacLaine, Brad Thor, Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Weiner, Rachael Ray, Maria Celeste Arraras, Daisy Martinez, Zane, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, and Rhonda Byrne’s international bestselling phenomenon The Secret.

Prior to founding Atria, Judith was President and Publisher of Simon & Schuster’s Pocket Books, from 1999-2002.


ZHENA MUZYKA (music-a) was living off the grid in California and pursuing a writing career when she got pregnant with her first child, Sage, 13 years ago. The baby needed expensive surgeries to survive. With no health insurance and no cash, Muzyka drew upon core strengths: creativity, courage, and a deep knowledge of herbalism, aromatherapy and fine tea learned from her Gypsy grandmother. Charisma, charm and intuitive palm-reading skills didn't hurt, either, as Muzyka began peddling custom-blended artisan teas in a Gypsy-themed street vendor's cart.

Today, Sage is a healthy teenager and Zhena's Gypsy Tea is an award-winning premium brand. Muzyka's hand-crafted, organic and Fair Trade-certified teas are in more than 10,000 stores nationwide, and Muzyka is a respected leader, inspirational speaker and business coach in fair trade activism and sustainable business. She recently turned the daily operations of running a business over to a CEO so she could focus on crafting tea formulations and more personal interests.

She's coaching female entrepreneurs and recently wrote a humorous business book. Life by the Cup: Confessions and Life Lessons of a Tea Mistress, which will be released by Atria (Simon & Schuster) early next year, is Zhena's story about building a tea company that began with a street cart into a multimillion-dollar business. Last fall she launched “The Robin Hood Laptop Project”, which helps children on the Idulgashinna Tea Estate in Sri Lanka gain access to laptop computers and scholarships so they can go to college.


LIGHT MILLER, ND., DD. received her B.S. in Social Science from UC Berkeley, became a Certified Massage Therapist at the LA School of Massage in 1967 and has since acquired over 32 years experience as a health practitioner.

In addition to providing individual health counseling and teaching seminars, Light has trained and certified over 500 massage therapists. She is currently the only woman out of the 18 practitioners of Kaya Kalpa in the world. Kaya Kalpa is a branch of Ayurvedic Mystical Medicine, the oldest recorded healing art.

Light has been ordained as a minister since 1983, her vision and her ministry is based on bringing awareness of health and spirituality to everyone that crosses her path. She teaches meditation, self development courses and helps people to find their passion and purpose in life. She received her Dr. of divinity and has followed her mission ever since.

On July 30, 2004 Light celebrated her birthday and entered the Kuti Hut on August 1, remaining there until August 31. An assembly of healers (both foreign and local) converged on Bryan and Light’s house to participate in treatments, celebration, and a group meditation. Joining in this event was an internationally known Ayurvedic practitioner, Greg Soucy.

Annu Subramanian

Annu Subramanian is a Human Rights Advocate who lives in Albany, New York. As a writer of conscience, she has written Another Heaven (to address human trafficking and terrorism), and the proceeds from this novel are used to benefit organizations dedicated to helping victims of human trafficking.

She is the director of The Writing Center at Brown School in Schenectady, New York. The writing Center aims to empower writing in children and adults.

She is using her debut novel, Waiting for the Perfect Dawn, to bring awareness about suppression of women and domestic violence.

She has cofounded Albany Women Connection, a support group in Albany, New York, and she is a founding member of WE SEED, an international forum established to address global issues. She was chosen as one of the four national finalists by Norman Mailer Center in 2011 for So Fair and Very Lovely, a short story, and as an Educator of Excellence in 2011 by New York State English Council (NYSEC).