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SAM UTH 2014

SAM Conferences in association with SRM University

SAM UTH 2014

27th Jan 2014

Disclaimer : Speakers, performances and demos may change or be dropped at the last minute due to unforeseen eventualities.

Safiya Al Bahlani

Diffrently Abled Graphic artist

Sabirul Islam

a teen-trepreneur, best selling author

Bader Al Lawati

environmentalist and motivational speaker

Mohan Raman

actor and management trainer

Srijan Pal Singh

Co-Author “Target 3 Billion”,

Sheila Ann Smith

Cancer, survivor, Singer, motivational Demi Isaac: Wildlife protection campaigner

Demi Isaac

Wildlife protection campaigner

Garry Christopher

Hip Hop artist

Yogacharani Mathreyi

Mystic and founder of Arkaya

Khushbu Pandya

Social Media Specialist

Safiya Al Bahlani

Safiya Al Bahlani, is an Omani artist, graphic designer, and inspirational and motivational speaker.She was studying animation and graphic design, but was not able to complete her studies, but on a daily basis she has been trying to teach herself through various tutorials and through practise.

Safiya is physically challenged young woman. She would like to draw the attention of Omani society to recognize that people with special needs, are unique, talented and able to contribute to the society.She have been drawing and painting ever since she can remember and it has always been her way of expressing emotions and communicating her thoughts to the world.

Safiya was recognized for her skills when she was fourteen, then she started learning art under various teachers and artists. At The American International School of Muscat, she took AP Art, which is an advanced program for art in preparation for studying art in college, where she started learning using different medias in art using various mediums and techniques.

During Safiya’s college years in Jordan she held her first solo exhibition, which contained thirty of her paintings. It was a wonderful experience and had many positive feedbacks that encouraged her to think of doing one in her own country. In March 2011 in collaboration with an Omani fashion designer, Safiya had combined fashion show and art exhibition. The theme was derived from His Majesty annual speeches, which inspired her to incorporate them in a collection of dresses, and paintings.

Safiya just had he third solo exhibition, with Bait Al Zubair, at the Shangri La, Bar Al Jissah “Beneath The Surface”. Currently, Safiya is trying to establish her own graphic design company.

Sabirul Islam

Sabirul Islam, a teen-trepreneur from the age of just 14, a global motivational speaker having spoken at over 700 events worldwide and author of the bestselling books The World at Your Feet and Young Entrepreneur World, with the latter having launched in February 2012.

With Sabirul becoming a junior trader at 16 and his inspiring books selling over 60,000 copies to date. Sabirul launched his Teen-Trepreneur board game at 18, to educate young people about business, which has sold to over 550 schools in the UK and in 14 countries worldwide.

By 20, Sabirul set up Teen-Speakers; a speaker’s bureau consisting of 39 of the world’s most successful and influential young people, all under 25 striving to empower youth worldwide with a message that ‘Generation Y’ has what it takes to be successful. Which led to Sabirul’s new book to be published in February 2012, titled ‘Young Entrepreneur World’ interviewing 25 of the Teen-Speakers, sharing their ideas of ‘what it takes to be successful’ on a personal, business and political scale.

At 21, Sabirul’s vision to inspire young people has expanded to a global scale, having set up the Inspire1Million Campaign with a vision to inspire at least one Million people around the world. So far Sabirul has delivered the campaign across Europe, South America, Asia and Africa, with further tours lined up in 2013 across the globe.

Sabirul’s global presence has now landed him his own 13 week TV series in South Africa. A youth business TV show to encourage growth in entrepreneurship across Africa.

Now having just turned 22, Sabirul’s passion is to inspire millions of young people around the world, sharing the message that ‘money isn’t all too difficult to make in modern day society. The real challenge is to be able to make a difference.’ Encouraging people to believe in living a life with purpose, meaning and valuing ‘legacy’

Bader Al Lawati

Bader Al Lawati was among two young Omanis, who went to the most remote and coldest place on earth – The Antarctic – at the invitation of 2041, an environmental NGO that organizes the IAE.

He has many versatile interests, anything that gives an adrenaline rush like bungee jumping, shooting, archery, auto racing and eating spicy Nepalese food.

Bader Al Lawati has been officially appointed as a mentor by 2041. He will now train those listed to join IAE. Bader has also been the Media and Communication manager for the Freezing Omani campaign .He is also professional in the field of corporate communication .

Mohan Raman

Mohan Raman is an Indian film and television actor and management trainer. He is acclaimed for playing supportive or negative roles in Tamil television serials prominent ones being Marmadesam and Chidambara Rahasiyam . He has acted in over 100 films and tele serials with over 5000 episodes. He has won many acting awards from Mylapore Acadamy, Film Fans Association etc. He was awarded the winner of the best Character Actor Award from the Tamil Nadu State Government for the year 2008.Mr. Mohan does a lot of Corporate Training using Cinema to convey concepts and ideas. His webpages gives a lot more detail

He is interested in the History of Tamil Films, its personalities and Pioneers. He writes and lectures on this Topic. He reads a lot, listens to Music – pre 1980s both Hindi and Tamil film music and western Pop, Rock and also collects stamps on Cinema.His daughter Vidyullekha Raman made her debut in Neethane En Pon Vasantham.

Srijan Pal Singh

Srijan Pal Singh is an Indian author, public speaker, social entrepreneur, activist and a leader. He was born and raised in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Srijan Pal Singh is an Electrical Engineer from Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow and a Management graduate from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) which is consistently ranked as one of the best business schools in India and in the Asia-Pacific region. At IIMA, he was head of the student’s council and engaged in a variety of social and developmental activities and projects He was awarded the IIMA Gold Medal for the Best All-rounder student from the graduating batch of 2009.

When Srijan Pal Singh stepped forward to welcome APJ Abdul Kalam to the (IIMA) campus four years ago, it marked the start of a very productive relationship. The ex-President and the MBA grad recently co-authored a book titled Target 3 Billion, based on the work they have been doing which recommends Innovative solutions towards sustainable development of the rural areas of the world. The idea of PURA evolved in the book is taken up as a major national program by Government of India in association with many Indian corporates in a Private-Public-Partnership Model. He has also co-authored, Delhi Metro : Excellence in Management, published by UNDP, which is a study of best practices in management of Public Sector Organizations in developing world, specifically the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

He also takes lectures on community action, leadership and development in Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and Indian Institute of Management Indore. He is a public speaker and have spoken at various events including various TEDx Events, Australia India Youth Dialogue and has contributed to leading national newspapers like Rajasthan Patrika and The Hindu.

Sheila Ann Smith

Picture a little girl singing in the garden and making up her own songs at the piano before she was able to read. Sheila Ann Smith’s story shows the grace of God from the very beginning and she shares that love for God and the beauty of music with her audiences. Her songs reveals a rich tapestry which draws upon Sheila’s life story for inspiration. From the perspective of this cancer survivor, the ballad “How Can I Say Thank You” was written for her bone marrow donor and is a reflection of the beautiful gift of life and each precious day we are given.

From the energetic and bold statements in “Ain’t No Doubt” and “Ready” to the intimate hope of the latin-infused jazz track “Heal My Soul”, to the soaring melodies of “Never Alone,” this album will take the listener on an inspiring journey of life and love.

Recently while in Peru as a Compassion Canada sponsored artist, Sheila shared her songs in English and Spanish and told the story of God’s healing in her life. Because of the grace Sheila has received in her life, she has a heart to share with people in need of hope and healing and her music shines with that desire. She states, “I am very excited that my music has been used to make a difference.”

Sheila Ann Smith shares a love for the beauty of music with her audiences. Her soaring vocals are at times rich and smooth and at times crystal clear and pure, bringing delight to listener’s ears.

She has performed for audiences large and small in concerts and events in Canada and the US. She now presents her much anticipated CD release “Dreams Can Soar” featuring full band in music ranging from soft pop and easy listening to flavours of blues and jazz.

“Dreams Can Soar” features Sheila’s song-writing skills and warm vocals in tracks of different styles. From the energetic and bold statement in “Ain’t No Doubt” to the intimate prayer of the latin-infused jazz track “Heal My Soul” and the carefree blues invitation, “Callin’ Jesus”, to the soaring melodies of “Never Alone” this album will take the listener on an inspiring journey of life and love.

Sheila is also a cancer survivor and gratitude for the gift of life gives her song wings. The CD title is taken from a line in the song “How Can I Say Thank You” a grateful acknowledgement of thanks to her bone marrow donor and to God for the precious gift of one more day.

Demi Isaac

Demi Isaac is a qualified criminologist but has taken his passion for animals and wildlife as his occupation. He has a practical approach to Animal Welfare and wildlife coservation. His current interests are stray animal management and Man-Animal conflicts.

For years, Issac used to organise jungle treks where he would track an animal from the spoor. A favourite of his was locating elephant dung, which he would turn over with his shod foot, and accurately say what the last meal it ate was. He could take enthusiasts to little known ponds near Mahabalipuram filled with fish, even during summer.

From time to time, residents from Adyar would rescue animals and birds in distress and make a beeline for the Blue Cross or Issac’s menagerie. Soon Demi’s (as he’s called by the pet lovers) fame spread to the other side of the Bay of Bengal when the Singapore Zoo and the Jurong Bird Park sought his services as a consultant. He set up breeding facilities on his father’s three-acre farm near Sriperumbudur. His `Pets Point’ located in Mahalingapuram, is a boon to animal lovers.

Garry Christopher

Garry Christopher is a Hip Hop artist. A journey that began at the age of 18, later the pioneer of R&B music in the middle east at the age of 16, today a composer, singer, song writer and entrepreneur, Garry Christopher a.k.a GC is no less an “A Star on the RISE”.

“We are limitless; I only live to break my limits. Maybe..and just maybe…you fall once in a while but what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.

Yogacharani Mathreyi

Yogacharini Maitreyi is a practical Mystic and the founder of Arkaya. She has taught a wide variety of people, from Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka, prisoners in Sweden, an all Islamic group in Bangladesh, yoga teachers in Vancouver to children and CEOs in India and abroad.

She has trained many top companies like Ford, Lever Brothers, Nasscom, L&T, Symbiosis Institute of Management etc. and consults on wellness issues, holistic health and organic management. She trains them in the science and art of SELF/STRESS MANAGEMENT through ‘The 3M Magick’ FUNshop. She is specialized in life enhancement coaching for top management and decision makers. She enables them to see the need for managing the body, emotions, mind and resources effectively and creatively.

Khushbu Pandya

Social Media Influencer, Trainer, Consultant and Entrepreneur Khusbu Pandya from Vadodara, Gujarat is the founder and CEO of Konvophilia – a leading branding and Social Media training company.

Having completed her bachelors and Masters in the Management discipline, Khusbu Pandya is a Ph.D scholar at the Sardar Patel University. She is a passionate Social Media expert helping businesses and individuals create their own ripples of influence.

Her organization, Konvophilia Communications is a full service social media company that offers complete social media solutions. It helps entrepreneurs, start-ups and professionals to connect and converse with their audience offering them solutions with unique blend of creativity, passion and expertise.

She has authored a book named WEAVE Model that talks about Global Strategies for weaving social media into one’s business. The idea of networking and knowing people around the world and experiencing innumerable awesome conversations with them excited her and gave her this sort of a magical motivation to share her experiences in the form of a book. The USP of this book is that it is short in length and written in layman’s language, avoiding business jargon. One can read and learn from it as well as implement the principles in one’s own business and professional life. Yet another important point is that these strategies reflect her own experiences and successes that are tried and tested, arising out of a three year old doctoral research process.