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The SAM Food Festival

Uniting communities through celebrations and learning

The SAM Food Festival, to be held in Goa, will bring together some of the biggest names in the food world for a week of cookery, debate, tasting and foodie fun. Visitors will be able to take part in a range of activities, from cookery demonstrations with some of the top chefs from around the world. Grill-masters will be cooking up a storm. The Chefs will be taking questions from the festival audience. The days will end with a lesson in The Power Of Positive Drinking from top wine makers (along with a refreshing complimentary cocktail).

The SAM Food Festival will showcase some superb culinary creations during its week-long celebrations. Events include a gourmet food fair, a feast at Goa’s favorite restaurants, food trails with free tasters, guided food walks, pop-up events and different supper events, as well as an edible art installation, exhibitions and workshops, a local beer festival, fairy tale tea parties and community food events. Another interesting event planned is the ‘sensorium’ – a scented talk about edible fragrances with a guest lecture by candlelight, and sounds from ‘other times’ drift through the air.

Full schedule of events:

Two of the most popular finalists in TV cooking shows share stories and recipes that got them to the top. Connect with them to share all the secrets from behind the scenes.

Do you know your sumac from your star anise? Does your food cupboard need spicing up? The experts in making delicious dishes from across the globe are here to help! The experts will lead anyone needing a little inspiration on a journey of flavor.

Over 6.5 million people watched them on last year’s MasterChef and introduced us to a brand of flavorful cuisine. They will be bringing a little sunshine to Chennai as they cook dishes from bestselling books.

Two of the foremost foodies share their secrets and tips on how to improve. They tell us how to get the very best out of our food and, in particular, our veg. They give us an insider’s guide to kitchen and, particularly, utensils. They tell us why cooking with the right tools can make all the difference.

Horsemeat, GM, organic... It can be hard to keep track of what we should and shouldn’t be eating. We have the experts to distil the headlines and highlight what we should and shouldn’t be looking for. The panelists will consist of some top people from the food industry from across the globe.

He has been described as one of the most inspiring chefs of a generation. Our surprise visitor will demonstrate from his stunning new cookbook.

From his first appearance – winning personality and sunny food, he has brought a taste of joy to our dinner plates. Now he’s back, hotter than ever! Laughter and sunshine – infused recipes for the barbecue and grill. Who is this? Surprise! Surprise!! The Power of Positive Drinking has been described as the essential ingredient to any party!! Master Blenders will be talking about the benefits of drinking in an intelligent way and will demonstrate recipes for skinny cocktails which are free from sugary additives.

Celebrating the iconic coastline with family fun days, marine-themed activities, seafood tastings and cookery workshops, the Fish Festival is set to be a stonker. One of the main events of the week will be ‘Fillies, Fellas and Fish’ – a master class demo night where four top chefs will battle it out to create the best meal from their very own catch of the day, after spending the day sea fishing off the spectacular coast.

The SAM Food Festival is a weeklong affair, so be sure to catch it! Held in association with some of the biggest names in Food, The Festival aims to celebrate the nation’s favourite cookbooks along with their creators, and of course all things foodie! There will be talks and exhibitions from culinary idols to master bakers. Expect demonstrations, tastings, cooking contests and appearances from all the top restaurants in India. . The chefs will also be sharing their skills, and eating competitions should keep visitors more than entertained. All of them will be pulling out the stops to provide a veritable bounty of food and beverages. Visit the boutique food market, get involved with wine tasting or watch a cookery demo.

The SAM Food Festival is a unique chance to enjoy the company of some of the brightest stars of the Food world in an intimate setting.

The SAM Food Festival extravaganza will feature some of India’s most high-profile and highly-respected chefs, restaurateurs and producers.

It’s all in aid of The SAMARIUM –The SAM Global Foundations project, the family- friendly festival will help raise money for the cause.

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