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Profownd is an initiative that encourages a dozen people from diverse fields to come together for a day and share their stories .We have had Profownds on themes like Education, HR, Media ,Outliers etc .A whole range of emotions come out when people share their stories and it has a Profownd effect on the participants .

The beauty of the event lies in its diversity and excellence. Each of the participants are achievers from an unique field and spend time together, sharing their experiences, challenges and best practices.

Unlike a traditional conference there is no audience. Everyone participates in active discussions. Participants bring their ideas, enthusiasm, sense of humour and experiences to share with the rest of the team. They share their dreams, successes, failures and challenges. Profownd is all about enriching oneself with inspiring life lessons from each another. In short participants share their life. Many who have attended these events have said it has been amongst their best experiences.

Profownd (Initially known as CerebrateXpress) has been highly successful since its inception in 2012.


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